Live Naturally

I want to start by sincerely thanking you for taking the time to visit and taking an interest in my products. I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor, dermatologist, esthetician or anyone with a professional certification in skincare. Who I am is someone who believes that the Earth provides us with everything we need in order to be happy and healthy. It is my belief that with the Earth's gifts in combination with patience and consistency, any ailment that you may encounter can be treated naturally. This belief serves as the foundation on which indigo&jade is built.

My voyage into plant based products developed as a natural progression of my natural hair care journey. With a desire to eliminate any harmful and unnecessary chemicals being used on my hair I began researching and experimenting with essential oils, herbs and humectants to use as alternatives. I consistently read and absorbed everything I could about their benefits and the role each one played in the overall health of my hair. Though tedious, this research provided me with a great knowledge base and better general understanding, of the ingredients found in typical store bought products and what they were doing or not doing for me. As I continued my research I soon realized that whatever I used on my scalp, could also have a positive benefit for the skin on the rest of my body. This opened up a world of possibilities for me and provided me with a much needed solution, for an issue that I had always had with my skin: Keratosis Pilaris, a condition where the hair follicles typically on the thighs and upper arms are blocked by a buildup of Keratin. I had always known that the small hair bumps were not normal as they were rough and sometimes painful. I just attributed it to dry skin and tried over the counter products to clear it up, though nothing worked. After creating my own treatment I as able to clear up my skin. As a result, I become passionately obsessed with blending my own products. As I continued on, I decided that I didn't want to be the only one to benefit from this research, work and dedication. A strong desire to share my knowledge as well as my mixtures with all of you began to develop. I decided to answer the call and created indigo&jade.

And so the story goes... I love expressing creativity through my mixtures. I get excited when I come up with new ideas, scents and plant infused products from scratch. I enjoy and continue to be in awe of all the different ways you can blend oils, herbs, butters, clays and waxes. I believe ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things, indigo&jade is a manifestation of that belief. I'm very excited for you to try our products and I have so much more in store! I would love to hear your feedback and what led you on your journey to choosing to use plant based products!

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